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Charm + Fowl Blog


Hi, my name is Hilary and I'm an animal lover, design observer, and food eater-turned-vegetarian chef. I started Charm + Fowl as a way to share my passion for all of these things with my friends and family (including you, of course).

I recently left a career in fashion to pursue my love of food full-time, completing the chef's training program at Natural Gourmet Institute located in NYC's Flatiron District. Though my plant-based training mirrors my passion for kale and quinoa, I also love pizza, white wine and anything fried (everything in moderation, including moderation...right?). Charm + Fowl was started to share all of these great things in one place, especially pizza.

I live in downtown Manhattan with my miniature panther, Wednesday, Bat Terrier Mix, Mooshu and fellow foodie (and chef) girlfriend, Lindsay. Talk about too many cooks in the kitchen...

I look forward to getting to know each other! 

Let's chat, collaborate or whatever! Get in touch with me here.